Boomgarden Apple tree sponsorship

Incredibly, there used to be an estimated 10,000 different apple varieties worldwide. Today, the range extends to only 10-20 different species. A large number of varieties have disappeared completely.

Christmas present for our customers

We have decided to invest the gift portion for our customers at Christmas this year in apple tree sponsorships.
As a fruit processing company, it is particularly important to us to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible and to stand up for biodiversity, especially in Germany. For this purpose, we have taken over 10 apple tree sponsorships through the Boomgarden project in Helmste (Altes Land).

The Boomgarden Project

Since 1985, Eckart Brandt has collected hundreds of old fruit varieties from the region for his Boomgarden project and placed them on various plots. In autumn 2012, the 3.85-hectare Boomgarden Park Helmste was created as a central variety conservation garden.
Apples, pears, plums, cherries and quinces: Currently, about 400 varieties of old regional cultivars are distributed among 350 high and 250 half-stemmed trees. Some of these varieties were already considered extinct, but could be saved by Boomgarden. There are also about 20 different bushes and shrubs with wild fruit, a welcome food supply for people, insects and birds.
The aim is to develop the meadow orchard into a diverse, biologically valuable biotope in the long term using permaculture approaches.

Boomgarden Projekt

Boomgarden Park Helmste is located at Bargster Karkweg 3 in Helmste, directly on the L124 Stade-Harsefeld road.
In addition to the Boomgarden Park Helmste, the project also looks after other small orchards in Stade-Götzdorf, Stade-Riensförde and Engelschaff-Neuland.

Our apple tree sponsors

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