Clean Label
What's actually hidden in our food? Clean Labels tell consumers what is or is not in their daily groceries.

Clean Label

What's actually hidden in our food? Clean Labels tell consumers what is or is not in their daily groceries.

What ingredients are actually concealed in our food? This is a question most consumers ask themselves when buying or, at the latest, eating food. It is becoming increasingly important for consumers to know exactly what is hidden in products, and they are acting more and more consciously when choosing products.

The list of ingredients often contains unfamiliar or confusing names that are hard to understand. You often read “Without additives”, “Without colourings” or “Free from preservatives”. So the focus here is not on the ingredients contained, but exactly the opposite: the ingredients that are not present in the product.

This is where the so-called Clean Labels are increasingly used these days. They ensure that consumers know what is in their food – but also what isn’t. Due to a Clean Label, the consumer can see at first glance whether the product is suitable for him. We at Paradise Fruits also use this term to provide our customers with maximum transparency.

What does Clean Label mean?

The term Clean Label means “clean labelling”. The aim of Clean Labels is to show consumers as transparent as possible what is contained in their food. Often, it is not only the ingredients that are advertised, but also the fact that no artificial additives have been included. This is because no artificially produced ingredients are used in Clean Label products – only natural ingredients can be found inside. Clean Label products consist of only a few natural ingredients that have not been processed or only been modified very slightly.

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Advantages of Clean Label

Nowadays, a conscious diet plays an increasingly important role. Consumers want to be informed as well as possible about what is in their food. Clean Labels makes this easier for them. In the meantime, the Clean Label has become so well established that it can be recognised at first glance. This way, the consumer knows in a matter of seconds whether the product meets his or her expectations or not.

3 things to avoid with food

Ways to avoid artificial additives and ingredients

There are many ways to avoid the use of artificial additives and ingredients. For instance, synthetic ingredients are often used to intensify the colour of food. However, this can be evaded very easily. Natural fruit or vegetable powders, which provide 100% colour despite being 100% natural, are a possible solution here. Paradise Fruits offers a variety of fruit powders that are ideal for such purposes and that transform every meal into a flavourful highlight.

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Nowadays, consumers no longer want to eat something that only tastes like a strawberry. When they buy a product with strawberries, they want to eat real strawberries in the end. The Clean Label is designed to accomplish this. This is because consumers have become keen to avoid eating anything that doesn’t look real or has even been artificially produced. It is the original product and its taste that counts! Therefore, it is important that the food is as natural and as unprocessed as possible. With Clean Label, consumers can easily recognise such products and enjoy them with a clear conscience. At Paradise Fruits, it is very important to us that our products convince through their natural taste alone, instead of being spiced up with artificial additives. Additionally, we are always working on our processes so that as few production steps as possible are necessary.

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