High fiber snacks for everyone
Why is a high-fibre diet so important for our health and how can we make sure we have enough fibre integrated into our diet?

High fiber snacks for everyone

Why is a high-fibre diet so important for our health and how can we make sure we have enough fibre integrated into our diet?

Why is a high fiber diet so good for us?

A diet high in fiber is important and has been linked to a long list of health benefits. Studies* have shown that a healthy intake of dietary fiber significantly lowers risk for developing coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and certain gastrointestinal diseases. The recommended normal daily fiber intake for adults is at least 30 g. However, research also
shows that the gap between the recommended and the actual intake of dietary fiber is quite large in many countries – even if people regularly consume fruit and vegetables. But why is this the case?

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A changing lifestyle

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The main reason are changes in consumers’ lifestyles. Most people lead a very busy life, are on the move throughout the day and have little time to prepare full meals. Moreover, a great variety of ready-to-eat food is available to them, which reduces their need to do their own cooking.

Snacks as a source of fiber

As a consequence of these changes snacking is becoming an increasingly vital part of people’s diets. Because ready-made meals are less healthy and can provide fewer nutrients, snacks are now an important source of nutrition and fiber. This is why nowadays consumers are looking for healthy snacks that meet their requirements of being sugar-free, high-fiber and low in salt.

A mix of vitamin fruit gums in various shapes and colors.

Our healthy snacks and products are rich in fiber

Paradise Fruits Solutions offers a wide range of products with high fruit content that are exactly that: rich in fiber, low in salt and without added sugar. We have everything you need in order to introduce more dietary fiber into your snacks. Our products are made from up to 100% pure fruit, contain no additives or preservatives and have a high Brix degree. One special solution is our Fruit First Fibre granulate. Suitable for a range of applications, from muesli and baked goods to confectionery and even stand-alone snacks, the formulation contains 43.9 g of fiber per 100g and less than 40% sugar (naturally occurring) than standard fruit ingredients. And there are more fruity ideas for a high-fiber diet: Paradise Fruits Freeze Dried offers deliciously crunchy fruit pieces made out of 100% freeze-dried fruits to increase the morning fiber intake in muesli products for example. Your customers have a sweet tooth and you want your chocolates to shine with fiber-rich supplements? Then our granulates are perfect, as they are available in various shapes and sizes. Or do your consumers want even more nutrients and fiber? Our yummy fruit gums, enriched with minerals and vitamins, botanicals or active cultures, are an even better way to stay healthy and supplement a balanced diet.


A high-fiber diet is an important part of staying healthy, taking care of the body and improving overall quality of life – consumers recognize this. That’s why we’re proud to offer a wide range of fruity, high-fiber snacks and products.

A bunch of crunchy freeze-dried fruit.

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*Kuen & Rust, (2013). Ballaststoffe: Empfehlungen und Aufnahme.

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