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img blog benefits of snacking header 1200x600 Mackaroons

Benefits of snacking: Why do we snack?

Read on to find out why we as consumers snack between meals and whether this kind of snacking has health benefits. Learn how to offer nutritious snacks and let us inspire you to optimize snacking habits!

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img blog header 1200x600 Snacks

13 Food & Snack Trends for 2024

In this article you will find out which exciting food and snack trends you can look forward to this year! From plant-based innovations and tried-and-tested classics to daring flavour experiments – discover exciting new products and familiar favourites. See our 13 food trends here:

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Fruit granules of various cut sizes and colors.

Basic Range 2023 Update

Paradise Fruits Solutions has made its Basic Range even better by “marrying” it with the extremely versatile, high-performance Solutions Maxx range. This results in a range of fruit-based granulates perfectly tailored to customer needs.

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A large number of frozen strawberries during processing.

Food innovation

The food industry is very diverse and varied. It is also in a constant state of evolution, with one trend often being superseded by the next. In order to appeal to their customers, companies often have to keep up and meet the current wishes and demands of consumers. We at Paradise Fruits like to be of help and are excited to provide you with 10 current trends we deem likely to dominate the food industry in 2023 and beyond. Let’s take a closer look!

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Tres manzanas brillantes.

Conscious Eating

An increasing number of consumers are adopting a health-conscious diet. They are looking for sustainable foods and beverages that optimize their well-being in a holistic way. In the process, they are paying attention to clean labels and “better-for-you” formulations. In general, more and more people are consuming more consciously and supporting brands that are sustainable and display social responsibility.

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A bunch of freeze-dried raspberries up close.

Benefits of freeze dried food

Adding fresh fruit and vegetables to your products may not always be the best option. Fresh products spoil fast, they can be difficult to transport and are often not really suitable for further processing. This is why dried foods are so popular. However, the process of drying is not so simple and although a great variety of options exists – from solar to microwave drying to oven drying – we at Paradise Fruits are certain that freeze-drying is the best possible option for your products. Here is why!

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Fruit granule of different cut sizes mixed together.

Sugar reduction

How can we reduce our sugar intake without giving up the taste of sweets and snacks? Why is a reduction in sugar consumption necessary for a healthy diet and how does Paradise Fruits contribute to this?

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Tasty-looking fruit granules, shapes and juice drops in various shades of orange and purple.

Tasty Snacks

How can we satisfy our cravings for snacks without sacrificing taste and enjoyment? Paradise Fruits offers the optimal solution for this.

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Vitamin fruit gums in various shapes and colors.

Vegan Snacks all year round

Veganuary has come to an end and although most consumers might have enjoyed a plant-based diet for a month, living on a vegan diet “full-time” can be challenging. In spite of this fact, vegan snacks have a lot of potential in today’s food industry. Let’s see why!

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A bowl of fresh blackberries next to a bowl of fresh blueberries.


What is superfood? What are superfoods? How did these foods actually earn their fancy name, and to what extent is Paradise Fruits playing its part?

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An opened baking mix with pieces of fruit in it. On it is a baked muffin with fruit pieces.

Solutions MAXX – Granules with MAXXimum effect

Your MAXXimum solution for baked goods, chocolate and more: The new SOLUTIONS MAXX granulate range from Paradise Fruits Solutions has MAXXimum bake stability, provides MAXXimum taste and guarantees MAXXimum colour intensity to help MAXXimize your product.

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A school class with Kurt Jahncke, Managing Director of Paradise Fruits.

Spende aus dem „Paradies“: Neue iPads für Grundschulkinder

Überraschung nach den Sommerferien Riesenjubel in der Grundschule Assel: Die fröhlichen Steppkes aus dem Kehdinger Land freuen sich über sechs neue iPads von Paradise Fruits. Die Spende des Unternehmens soll den Kindern das Lernen erleichtern und sie an die Digitalisierung herabführen. Geschäftsführer Kurt Jahncke beschenkt „seine“ alte Grundschule Endlich hat

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Scrabble pieces spelling out the word "organic" on a table.

Clean Label

What’s actually hidden in our food? Clean Labels tell consumers what is or is not in their daily groceries.

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A variety of freshly cut fruit.

Changes regarding eating behavior due to Covid?

Corona has managed to turn our lives completely upside down in a very short time. Suddenly, habits and daily activities could no longer be done as usual. The social life was severely restricted and most normal things, such as a working day in the office, suddenly no longer existed. Everything

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