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For 140 years now, we have been creating delicious, innovative, healthy and versatile fruit products. Our blog not only focuses on the product range of our five Paradise Fruits sister companies and the latest trends in the food industry, but also on us as a company: A way for our customers and everyone interested in Paradise Fruits to get to know us better.

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Latest News

Fruit granules of various cut sizes and colors.

Basic Range 2023 Update

Paradise Fruits Solutions has made its Basic Range even better by “marrying” it with the extremely versatile, high-performance Solutions Maxx range. This results in a range of fruit-based granulates perfectly tailored to customer needs.

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Crown of an apple tree full of apples.

Boomgarden Apple tree sponsorship

Incredibly, there used to be an estimated 10,000 different apple varieties worldwide. Today, the range extends to only 10-20 different species. A large number of varieties have disappeared completely.

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211125 Blogbeitrag Vitafood Header image

Making our mark at Vitafoods Europe

In our latest blog, we look back at this year’s VitaFoods Europe, where we introduced our new Paradise Fruits Health division for the first time and our new range of functional Shapes and inclusions were hailed a hit with visitors.

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A mix of chocolate pieces, bars and chocolates with cocoa powder in the background. Decorated with pomegranate seeds, blueberries and mint.

Looking back at 2020 and a look ahead to 2021.

2020 was certainly challenging for many businesses. Meeting guidance for social distancing and protecting our staff has been vital, whilst ensuring we can continue to provide the very highest quality service to customers. We managed to remain operational throughout the pandemic and we would like to thank all our customers for their support during this difficult time.

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Kurt Jahncke, Managing director of Paradise Fruits, with a girl's football team.

Scoring points in Paradise style

Paradisal outfit for female A-youth: Just in time for the start of the season in the Landesliga Ost, the players of the HSG Bützfleth/Drochtersen received a new set of jerseys – sponsored by Paradise Fruits Solutions.

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What you will find in our blog:

You now know our company a little better. However, our blog offers you information that goes beyond the basics. Here, we go into more detail about the topics that concern us and take you along for the ride. Here, for example, you will learn what happens behind the scenes at our trade show appearances and how we prepare for various exhibitions.
Social commitment is very close to our hearts. Therefore Paradise Fruits regularly supports children and youth teams with new soccer jerseys, bags or money donations to reward the diligence and motivation of young athletes. In addition, we adopted apple trees for our customers at Christmas 2021 to promote the environment and biodiversity in Germany. In 2022, we are particularly proud to have equipped a primary school class in the Kehdinger Land region with new iPads. More detailed information on our commitment can be found in our blog posts.

The pandemic did not pass us by without consequences either. During Corona lockdowns, for example, we supported charitable organizations such as the aid platform, which brought people together in a virtual space and helped coordinate assistance. We have also used this time to adapt our internal processes to the pandemic. The result is a unique, effective testing concept that enabled us to protect the health of our employees in the best possible way. Would you like to take a closer look at all this? Then feel free to check out our blog!

Company news

At Paradise Fruits, we’ve been working steadily for over 140 years to bring delicious, creative, healthy and versatile fruit products to market. In our blog we would like to not only focus on our products, but also on us as a company. Here, our customers and all those interested in Paradise Fruits have the opportunity to get to know us better and to look behind the scenes. This will help our customers to better understand what is important to us as a company and which topics are particularly close to our hearts.

The company Paradise Fruits

As the name suggests, we at Paradise Fruits are passionate about fruit. The Paradise Fruits Group unites five brands in the north of Germany under one roof. We are not only specialists in freeze-drying and IQF. Our range also includes high-quality fruit granules, shapes, drops and pastes that add a delicious, fruity touch to a wide variety of delicious products. In addition, we offer freeze-dried herbs, spices and vegetables. Finally, with Paradise Fruits Health, we have expanded our portfolio to meet the need for healthy, balanced nutrition. Thus, we combine our innovative fruit matrix with vitamins, minerals, extracts and more. This creates fruit gums with added value that support and strengthen health and well-being in a natural way.

Our products’ production chain is simple and transparent: we rely on qualitative, organic cultivation and only process ingredients from selected producers around the world. Processing is done in a gentle and innovative way to minimize quality losses and guarantee the preservation of flavors, colors and, above all, nutritional values of the products. Simultaneously, we are constantly working on developing new products and processing methods in order to offer our customers even higher quality solutions. Finally, the products are packaged with great care and passed on to the consumers In doing so, we take the utmost care to respond to the demands of consumers as well as to keep the requirements of producers in mind.

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