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Scoring points in Paradise style

Paradisal outfit for female A-youth: Just in time for the start of the season in the Landesliga Ost, the players of the HSG Bützfleth/Drochtersen received a new set of jerseys - sponsored by Paradise Fruits Solutions.

“We like the motivation and self-confidence with which the HSG junior team approaches the ‘Landesliga’ challenge. That’s what we want to support,” says Managing Director Kurt Jahncke (l.), explaining his commitment to the young team.

In addition, social responsibility is very dear to the company’s heart. “As a family-owned company with strong roots in the region, we have the desire to get involved in the community as much as we can,” emphasizes the head of Paradise Fruits Solutions GmbH & Co. KG. The team is happy about the stylish outfit, in which hopefully a lot of points will be scored.

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