Various fruit juice concentrates are pasteurized using a plate heat exchanger and aseptically filled through a sterile filler. This gives the products a longer shelf life without losing their properties such as color or taste. Our standard containers are 10l and 20l bags or 200l bags in steel barrels. Alternative products or containers are available upon request.

The freeze-drying process (lyophilization) is based on the principle of sublimation. After freezing, the water bound as ice is gently removed from selected, freshly harvested raw materials.

Under vacuum, water has the property of passing directly from the frozen to the gaseous state. The freeze-dried product thus loses a large part of its weight, but retains the typical properties such as taste, structure and nutrient

Discover the creative process of custom product development at Paradise Fruits Solutions. From the selection of premium fruits to the implementation of individual customer requests – experience how innovation and quality lead to unique fruit preparations. Dive into the world of custom formulations and learn how Paradise Fruits Solutions works closely with its customers to bring their visions to life.

Paradise Fruits Freeze Dried (Paradiesfrucht GmbH) offers the possibility to test your own recipes in our state-of-the-art pilot plants as well as to process raw materials in our contract drying plants. Our capacities extend to large-scale production volumes.

To achieve the best results, our team of experts works in close dialogue with you.

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