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One of Paradise Fruits’ specialities is aseptic contract filling. Nowadays, it is increasingly important for consumers that no artificial preservatives or additives are added to products. Natural products play an increasingly decisive role, as preservatives are harmful to health. However, the easiest way to make products more durable is by using preservatives or additives. To avoid this, aseptic filling was introduced. The term aseptic filling is derived from the term “asepsis“, which describes an absolutely germ-free state. It is important that the original taste, appearance and freshness remain during the process. Would you like individual advice on your products? Then please feel free to contact us.

Paradise Fruits production plant showing shelves of freeze-dried fruit.

How it works

Food, as well as beverages, quickly become perishable when they come into contact with bacteria and germs. To avoid this, they are strongly cooled or enriched with additives. With aseptic filling, on the other hand, this is precisely what is avoided.

At the beginning of the aseptic filling process, the products are sterilised directly before they are inserted into a container. The product is then heated to ultra-high temperatures for a few seconds. Under sterile conditions, the product then goes into the packaging, which is also sterile. The packaging is usually sterilised during the filling or packaging of the product.  This ensures that no microorganisms get inside. The entire process is sterile. Even the environment in which the product is processed must be free of any bacteria and germs. This is particularly important in order to eliminate even the possibility of the product coming into contact with germs and bacteria.

The process of aseptic contract filling can be summarised in three steps.

  1. the packaging is sterilised
  2. the food or drink is treated with heat
  3. the product is packaged and sealed


There are certain requirements that must be met for aseptic filling. These include that the equipment and facilities that are used must be easy to clean. The same applies to the packaging and packaging materials that are used. You have to be able to clean them well and sterilise them easily.

Freeze drying of fruit

Various procedures

Aseptic contract filling at Paradise Fruits

At Paradise Fruits, various fruit juice concentrates are pasteurised through a plate heat exchanger and aseptically filled via a sterile filler.

This gives the products a longer shelf life without losing their properties such as colour or taste.

Our standard containers are 10l and 20l bags or 200l bags in steel drums. Alternative products or containers on request.

Freeze-dried dragon fruit slices.

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Difference sterile and aseptic

The terms sterile and aseptic are often used synonymously. Although the two terms can be differentiated from each other, they are usually interrelated. Aseptic means that the product or process is absolutely germ-free. Sterile means that no germs capable of reproduction are present. For aseptic filling, the term sterile plays a very important role because the product, as well as the packaging, are sterilised first. For a product to be sterile, the environment must be aseptic, i.e. germ-free.

Advantages of aseptic filling

Aseptic filling has many advantages. Our products at Paradise Fruits also benefit from this.

– Longer shelf life

– Long-term storage without additional cooling equipment

– Consistent quality

– No change in taste

– No damage to important ingredients

– No addition of preservatives and additives

– Food and drinks are protected from harmful substances

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