The Versatility of Freeze-Dried Fruits: Part 2

In the second of our two-part blog series, we delve further into the benefits of specifying Freeze-Dried fruits for a variety of applications and how they can help food and drink manufacturers to meet a rising demand for ‘better for you’ products.

Events over the past year have made everyone more aware of the need to make healthier food choices and to look at ways to improve their immunity. Here, Claus Christiansen Sales Manager at Paradise Fruits Freeze Dried, looks at what this means for manufacturers and how the versatility of freeze-dried fruits can help meet this continuing trend.

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Clean Label

As consumers continue to focus on their health and immune systems, clean label and product transparency is becoming more important than ever.

According to the Innova Market Insights Top Trends for 2021 Survey, 3 in 5 global consumers say they are interested in learning more about what their food contains, how it is made and where it comes from. So, manufacturers should consider developing products that are flavoured and coloured through the use of 100% natural, nutritious and delicious ingredients like freeze-dried fruits pieces and powders, which will appeal to both retailers and shoppers alike.

Immune boosters

Ongoing worries stemming from the past year will continue to have an effect on shopper habits for the foreseeable future. Innova Trends has also identified that over half of global consumers have spent time educating themselves on ingredients that can contribute to boosting their immune systems. We expect to see a rise in the development of foods, particularly smoothies, snack bars and cereals, containing ingredients such as orange, elderberry, blackcurrant or sea buckthorn as a result.

Working ahead of the curve, we already offer our freeze-dried fruit powders, Crunchy granulates and Smoothee Drops in these flavours and can even develop bespoke combinations such as ginger and lemon, orange and apricot and even fruit and vegetable blends such as carrot and orange.

Reduced sugar

Health and wellbeing has been an emerging trend in the food and drink sector for many years and although it is still a major factor for consumers, recently their attitudes have altered slightly. Now more than ever, despite the fact they are still conscious of what they eat, shoppers are leaning more towards products that help brighten their moods and offer a ‘treat’ experience.

That’s because, snacks and treats offer a sense of comfort and positivity, something that has become especially important for helping to make the situation seem a little easier for those working from home or isolating. In fact, research on snacking motivations from Mintel* reveals that while 50% of people say they snack to treat themselves, 37% do it to give themselves a break during the day and 24% snack to relieve stress.

Research also shows however, that when buying these products 91% of consumers are still somewhat influenced by sugar reduction, natural and no added sugar (NAS) claims. As a result, NAS treats containing freeze-dried fruits, which are naturally sweet and healthier, but still offer decadent tastes and textures are becoming a popular choice. Better still, they also provide a great balance of nutrition and indulgence.For more information about how Paradise Fruits by Jahncke can work alongside your NPD team to develop new and exciting products that contain naturally healthy and delicious freeze-dried fruit ingredients, click here to contact us.

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