Flavour trends to look out for in 2020/21
In our latest blog, Kurt Jahncke, CEO of Paradise Fruits by Jahncke offers advice on the flavour trends that food and drink manufacturers should be taking notice of towards the end of 2020 and in 2021.

Flavour trends to look out for in 2020/21

In our latest blog, Kurt Jahncke, CEO of Paradise Fruits by Jahncke offers advice on the flavour trends that food and drink manufacturers should be taking notice of towards the end of 2020 and in 2021.

When it comes to flavours and ingredients there is no doubt consumers are becoming adventurous, with the Innova Trends survey (2020) stating that shoppers are becoming more receptive to hybrid products that are blending ingredients, combining food types and mixing flavour profiles.

This is clear with the number of food manufacturers and caterers adding traditional western desserts such as cheesecake, and ice-creams flavoured with Eastern fruits, herbs, spices to their offering. There has also been a rise in the number of chocolate and confectionery manufacturers adding eastern inspired products to their ranges lately too.

This is mainly because ingredients such as turmeric, matcha and green tea offer both great tastes and widely-renowned health benefits.

It is also due to the fact Japan has become a tourism hotspot in recent years and will continue to moving forward; especially in the run up to the upcoming Tokyo Olympics which, due to the delay caused by COVID-19, is now set to take place in July 2021.

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Taste of the East

To provide food and drink manufacturers with innovative fruit ingredients to meet this demand Paradise Fruits Solutions recently created the new Taste of the East range. The range is available in a variety of flavours including Mandarin & Yuzu, Lychee & Raspberry, Apple & Green Tea, Lime & Matcha Tea and Ginger & Plum, as well as bespoke combinations which can be developed to suit customer requirements. Taste of the East is also offered in a number of fruit inclusions formats including our unique irregular cut granulates, standard granulates, high brix fruit pastes, juice drops and standard and bespoke shapes; all suitable for a variety of applications from baked goods to chocolates and snacks.

Recreating a classic

Convenience foods, particularly better for you, low sugar snacks and cereal bars, that imitate the flavours of classic treats such as birthday cake, Cherry Bakewell and cookie dough are also proving popular and will continue to do so into 2021. That’s because, although consumers have enjoyed these flavours for many years, they are becoming more health conscious and so want to be able to indulge in a treat without the guilty feeling afterwards.

Alternative products that can mimic the tastes and textures of these traditional cakes and pastries through the use of healthier ingredients such as no added sugar fruit granulates or fruit juice drops that have are rich in flavour are therefore gaining favour with both consumers and retailers. Snack or cereal bars that contain almond pieces with cherry juice drops from Paradise Fruits Solutions for example provides a better for you alternative to the traditional Cherry Bakewell tart.

Taking inspiration from the garden

Over the next few years, we also expect products that contain botanical flavour combinations, such as elderflower, lavender and rose will become more mainstream, particularly with confectionery and beverage manufacturers. That is because not only do these ingredients provide subtle, sweet and floral flavours that replace the need for added sugar, but they can also provide additional health and wellbeing benefits, which is a big draw for consumers. Much of our research and development in the last few years has focused on creating and supplying fruit ingredients that meet these latest trends and complement the flavours of cereals, confectionery, beverages, baked products and snacks, extending the appeal of these ranges and adding health benefits. As one of the most significant fruit and vegetable processing businesses in the industry, we are a trusted partner to many of the world’s leading food and drink manufacturers. For more information about how Paradise Fruits by Jahncke can work alongside your NPD team to develop new and exciting products that contain naturally healthy and delicious ingredients to meet consumer trends, click here to contact us.

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