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The world of food and drink is constantly changing: Which desires and requirements are currently popular among consumers? What is the latest trend in the food industry? Paradise Fruits informs about the latest product innovations and topics with potential.

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Benefits of snacking: Why do we snack?

Read on to find out why we as consumers snack between meals and whether this kind of snacking has health benefits. Learn how to offer nutritious snacks and let us inspire you to optimize snacking habits!

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Tasty Snacks

How can we satisfy our cravings for snacks without sacrificing taste and enjoyment? Paradise Fruits offers the optimal solution for this.

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What is superfood? What are superfoods? How did these foods actually earn their fancy name, and to what extent is Paradise Fruits playing its part?

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Clean Label

What’s actually hidden in our food? Clean Labels tell consumers what is or is not in their daily groceries.

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Changes regarding eating behavior due to Covid?

Corona has managed to turn our lives completely upside down in a very short time. Suddenly, habits and daily activities could no longer be done as usual. The social life was severely restricted and most normal things, such as a working day in the office, suddenly no longer existed. Everything

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What you will find in our blog:

In our blog, we look at the big trends of the next couple of years, but also keep an eye on smaller and medium-term trends that make the food industry such a varied and diverse place. For example, take a look at what flavor trends are coming your way in the next few years! Or find out how you can incorporate the health trend into your food creations and which healthy snacks will be particularly popular in the future. A very big trend that is also related to health: superfoods. What these are and how you can take advantage of the trend is explained in one of our blog posts. The corona pandemic – of course has changed the eating behavior of consumers in the long term and has given rise to various new trends. Our blog also offers more detailed information on this topic. Have a look!

Food Trends

The food industry is changing constantly. Whether it’s climate change or the corona pandemic – external as well as individual factors have a direct influence on the wishes and needs of consumers. It is therefore important for companies to be informed about the latest food trends in order to be able to take these developments into account in their product range. This gives them an advantage over the competition.
Factors such as climate change and the pandemic have made sustainability and health into trends that have taken the food industry by storm and will certainly continue to play a major role in the coming years. However, these are far from the only trends that matter, as the food industry is diverse and varied. Eating behavior today is much more determined by the values and lifestyles of the individual than it was a few years ago. Whether it’s a short, viral trend or a long-term change, we’ll keep you informed at all times about the latest trends and developments from the world of gastronomy.

What exactly do we mean by food trends?

The term food trends covers a whole range of topics in the food industry. From flavors to the cultivation of food to production and packaging, trends are emerging in many different areas. In addition, morals are also playing an increasingly important role in our society when it comes to food. Different food trends also focus on different target groups. The wishes of consumers are of course related to their age group, eating habits, region and many other factors. It is therefore particularly important to have a good picture of one’s own target group and to pay attention to the relevant trends.

Sustainability has certainly been one of the biggest newcomers in almost every industry in recent years. In the food industry, sustainable solutions have become crucial in several areas. For example, the focus today is increasingly on regional production to avoid CO2 emissions and shorten supply chains. Low-pollutant foods are also becoming more popular, as is an environmentally friendly circular economy. Last but not least, sustainability also means that food is produced biologically and organically and does not harm the body. In this context, the term “clean label” is becoming increasingly important. One of our blog posts explains the meaning behind it and the advantages of a clean label. The topic of sustainability is also particularly important to us at Paradise Fruits. For this reason, we are proud of our certificates regarding energy management as well as the organic, sustainable production of our products.

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