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The food market is huge, diverse and demands ever newer and better products. To create solutions for this ever-growing demand, you have to do more than just create the perfect recipe: In addition to specific goals and schedules, one should keep an eye on current trends and developments in the market.

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In now more than three decades, Paradise Fruits Solutions has developed countless product innovations – tailor-made ideas to serve the food industry’s growing demand for high-quality ingredients with a high fruit content: either for our own portfolio or on customer request as a white label product. In addition to state-of-the-art production facilities, our expert knowledge is the best basis for successful product developments.

From the idea to the ideal product

Every development process begins with an idea. Customer enquiries are submitted to the R&D department either via the sales department or internally – as in the case of our new HEALTH range, for example. In the first step, the developers then clarify what is feasible and which tests are necessary. Existing recipes are also permanently optimised, because requirements are constantly changing: Guidelines, trends and flavours change, recipes have to be adapted to customer wishes. For example, high fibre is currently a big trend. This is why Paradise Fruits Solutions has developed the high-fibre FRUIT FIRST FIBRE range.

Production chain

We only process ingredients that come from selected producers around the globe. By applying the strictest controls and safety measures, we ensure that our products are world-class.

Whether organic, vegan, fortified or allergen-free: We develop trend-based products. In doing so, we keep an eye on the producers’ requirements as well as the demands of the consumers.

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Three low-impact processes – one goal: to create high-quality products:
Freeze-drying gently removes water from raw materials, while the product’s cell structure remains intact.

Our unique low heat concentration technology allows flexible formulation design and natural retention of flavours, colours and nutritional benefits.

With IQF, there is hardly any loss of quality due to quick freezing.

Production chain

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Tailor-made recipes

If a customer wants a certain viscosity in a paste or more baking stability in a granulate, R&D is more than happy and capable to optimise existing recipes. Small hand samples show in advance whether these work or not. Application and baking tests follow. Based on the samples, the customer can then test the new product himself and give feedback on whether it needs to be readjusted. If desired, it is possible for Solutions to accompany productions on site with the customers. Technical support is also possible.

Customer wishes are the focus

The customer is at the centre of the entire process. He or she can request individual recipes, which types of fruit are to be processed, etc. In addition, individual, customised moulds can be reserved for a company or a regional market. Our benefit: the close exchange with all departments (raw material availability, purchasing, sales, quality assurance). Our product developers are also present at trade fairs to serve customers directly on site.

Apart from the ideal recipe, the right packaging is of course an important sales argument. We are working at full speed to offer a perfect solution for this challenge as well as soon as possible. However, the possibility of packaging for customers exists in principle.

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