Prime minister Weil enthusiastic about the Corona test concept at Solutions

In times of Corona, visits are almost always something very special. This is of course also the case when a prime minister announces himself: Stephan Weil (l., SPD) was a guest at Paradise Fruits Solutions in Drochtersen-Assel.

The state premier wanted to find out about the outstanding Corona measures and the production at the innovative company. Corona rapid tests have been carried out at Solutions since the end of last year. Since then, trained medical personnel have been testing each of the 420 employees twice a week. CEO Kurt Jahncke (r.): “With our concept, we can actively contribute to preventing our production from being endangered”. The costs are estimated at about € 100,000. “An expense that is worthwhile in the end,” explains Corona team leader Michael Patjens. ” Four tests have turned out positive so far, and those affected were isolated immediately. If the infections had only been discovered later, the whole production could have been affected, because strict laws apply in food production,” Patjens continues. The elaborate test concept also convinced prime minister Weil. At the end of his tour through production and laboratory, the sympathetic leader of the state was convinced: “It’s good to see how the company handles Corona. I wish this were the case everywhere.

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