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Fruit Powder

As experts in the production of freeze-dried fruit powders, we at Paradise Fruits offer a comprehensive range of options. Our powders are made from various fruits and even vegetables. To obtain fruit powder, the freshly harvested fruits are freeze-dried and then pulverized. Fruit powder can be made in a multitude of different varieties by mixing and matching fruits and vegetables with each other. The powder is also very versatile in its use.

Particularly popular for use in baked goods, in chocolate, or in beverages are the varieties blueberry, cranberry, strawberry, and raspberry. These berries have an irresistible sweetness, but also give the products the right balance with their acidity. Those who place special value on a beautiful appearance and want to create intense colors would be happier using dark fruits. For this purpose, blueberries or black currants are best suited.

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How is fruit powder made?

To make fruit powder, fresh fruits are freeze-dried. In this process, water is removed from the frozen fruits or vegetables under vacuum. This process ensures that most of the nutrients and the structure of the molecules are preserved. The fruits and vegetables then become crunchy and significantly lighter, as the water content is missing. These freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are also excellent for use in the food industry and are part of our Freeze Dried product range. To obtain fruit powder, the fruits can then be pulverized. The result are colorful, fine, fruity powders that are even better suited for further processing.

What is special about this production of fruit powder is that taste is not lost through the freeze-drying process. In addition, most of the nutrients in the fruits and vegetables are preserved, so they are just as healthy as fresh fruits or vegetables.

Great Variety and many Advantages

Several whole and half cranberries with cranberry fruit powder.


Orange Peel

Red Currant
Sea Buckthorn
Black Currant
Sour Cherry
Lemon Peel
More on request

*not available as organic products

Special features

100% natural

without artificial colorants




No added sugar

Advantages of Fruit Powder

A slice of strawberry in a mound of red fruit powder.

1. Long Shelf Life

Our fruit and vegetable powder has an extremely long shelf life – a significant advantage in many respects. The powder is therefore a great way to use fruits even when they are not in season. And it’s not only perfect fruits that are used, but also those that can no longer be sold. You are thus not only doing yourself a favor but also helping the environment as this reduces food waste.

Fruity orange slice next to several strawberries.

2. Valuable Nutrients

Nowadays, many people find it difficult to incorporate enough fruits and vegetables into their daily diet. For them, fruit powder can be an optimal supplement. Freeze-dried fruits, for example, contain about ten times as much energy as fresh fruits. By pulverizing, consumers ingest more fruit than they would with whole fruits, so they fully benefit from the important nutrients in them.

Delicious smoothie with strawberries and straw.

3. Diverse Applications

The applications for fruit powder are almost endless. Color and flavor remain unchanged in freeze-drying and pulverization, but the volume is greatly reduced, making the powder easy to transport and to use. Due to its versatility, there is something for every taste.

Application Possibilities

There are numerous different ways to use fruit powder. Not only in terms of taste, but also visually – fruit powder is a highlight in every respect. Fruit powder can be used in various ways in baked goods. Both in sweet varieties – like muffins, cake fillings, creams, and glazes – and in bread or dough, the fruit powders are an absolute eye-catcher.

Fruit powders can also be perfectly used as decoration or additional flavoring in chocolate, protein and muesli bars, or even in ice cream. Another possibility is adding fruit powders to beverages. Especially in this area, they impress with their taste and color.

Further Processing in Food Products

Why are our fruit powders the ideal choice for your food products? Our powders consist of 100% fruit or vegetable, and they are 100% natural. Because of their easy application they offer you countless possibilities for use in your recipes:

Baked Goods

Fruit powders provide a natural way to optimise baked goods with a “boost” of taste, colour, and nutritional content. Whether in the dough, the filling, or the cream topping – there is no limit to your imagination.

Slice of cake with fruity mango crunch topping.


100% Fruit: Our powders add flavor and colour to chocolate in a natural way. This is especially delicious with white varieties.

Chocolate chunks with fruit stacked on top of each other.


Our freeze-dried fruit or vegetable powders are the perfect basis for smoothies. 100% natural and full of valuable ingredients, they combine indulgence with health aspects. Whether just a single fruit or an individual blend – the practical, free-flowing powders offer flexibility and are very easy to use.

A glass of fruit smoothie with a toothpick impaled with three blackberries on the rim of the glass.

Ice Cream

Add intense color and full flavour to your product – all natural! Our freeze-dried powders are perfect for use both in dry ice cream premixes and as an ingredient in industrial ice cream production. Whether fruity strawberry or tropical mango – there is a fruit for every taste.

Three ice cream scoops with pieces of fruit inside and small pieces of fruit granules next to them.
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