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Being experts in the production of freeze-dried fruit powders, we at Paradise Fruits offer a comprehensive range of options. The powders are made from a variety of fruit and vegetables. In order to obtain fruit powder, the freshly harvested fruit are gently freeze-dried and then powdered. There is a wide range of different flavours, as fruit and vegetable options can be mixed in a colourful way. The powder is also very versatile.

Blueberry, cranberry, strawberry and raspberry are particularly popular. For those who place particular value on a pleasant appearance and want to create intense colours, dark fruits, such as blueberries or blackcurrants, should be used.

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Freeze Dried


Um Fruchtpulver herzustellen, werden die frischen Früchte gefriergetrocknet. Dabei wird den gefrorenen Früchten oder auch Gemüse unter Vakuum das Wasser entzogen. Durch diesen Prozess stellen wir sicher, dass ein Großteil der Nährstoffe, sowie die Struktur der Moleküle enthalten bleibt. Die Früchte sind dann knusprig und nicht mehr so schwer. Danach werden die Früchte pulverisiert und wir erhalten das gewünschte Resultat.

Das Besondere an Fruchtpulver ist, dass durch den Prozess der Gefriertrocknung kein Geschmack verloren geht. Außerdem verlieren die Früchte kaum
Nährstoffe, sodass sie genauso gesund wie frische Früchte sind. Hinzu kommt, dass Fruchtpulver extrem lange haltbar ist, was in vieler Hinsicht ein
großer Vorteil darstellt. Heutzutage fällt es vielen Personen schwer, genügend Früchte und Gemüse in ihre alltägliche Ernährung zu integrieren. Hier kann das Fruchtpulver eine optimale Ergänzung sein. Aufgrund der vielseitigen Einsetzbarkeit ist für jeden Geschmack etwas dabei, ob als Topping auf dem Müsli oder Zusatz in Smoothies.

Das Pulver ist außerdem eine gute Möglichkeit bei saisonalbedingten Früchten. Ein weiterer Vorteil ist, dass nicht nur perfekte Früchte dafür verwendet werden, sondern auch all die, die als Ganzes nicht mehr verkauft werden können. Somit tun sie nicht nur sich selbst, sondern auch der Umwelt etwas Gutes, da die Lebensmittelverschwendung reduziert wird.

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Fruit powder from Paradise Fruits

Fruit powder from Paradise Fruits

To produce fruit powder, the fresh fruit or vegetables are freeze-dried. In this process, the water is gently extracted from the frozen fruit or vegetables under vacuum. Through this process we ensure that a large part of the nutrients, as well as the structure of the molecules, remain preserved. This makes the fruit crunchy and less heavy. Then the fruit are pulverised and we get the desired result: fruit powder.

What is special about fruit powder is that no flavour is lost in the freeze-drying process. Additionally, the fruit hardly lose any nutrients, so they are just as healthy as fresh fruit. In addition, fruit powder has an extremely long shelf life, which is a great advantage in many respects. Nowadays, many people find it difficult to integrate enough fruit and vegetables into their daily diet. This is where fruit powder can be an optimal supplement. Due to its versatility, there is something for every taste, whether as a topping on muesli or an additive in smoothies.

Freeze-dried powders are also a good alternative when it comes to seasonal fruit. Another advantage is that not only perfect fruits are used for this, but also all those that can no longer be sold whole. This way you are not only doing something good for yourself, but also for the environment, as less food is wasted.

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The differences between fresh fruit and fruit powder

Possible applications for fruit powders

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There is a wide range of ways in which fruit powder can be used. Fruit powder is a highlight in every respect, not only in terms of taste – but also visually. There are many different ways fruit powder can be used in baked goods. Both in sweet varieties such as muffins, cake fillings, creams, toppings and glazes as well as in bread and other types of dough, fruit powders are an absolute head-turner. In addition, fruit powders are ideal as decoration or extra flavour carrier in chocolate, protein and muesli bars. They can also be used in ice cream. Beverages are another product that works great with fruit powder as an additive. The flavour and colour create a special flavour experience. The reason why our fruit powder are the ideal choice for your food applications:

Our fruit powders are made from 100% fruit and are 100% natural. Thanks to their easy application, they offer countless possibilities for use.

Options for further processing

Baked Goods

Fruit powders provide a natural way to optimise baked goods with a "boost" in taste, colour and nutritional content. Whether in the dough, the filling or the cream topping – there is no limit to your imagination.


100% fruit: Our powders add flavour and colour to chocolate in a natural way. This is especially delicious with white varieties.


Our freeze-dried fruit powders are the perfect basis for smoothies: 100% natural and full of valuable ingredients, they combine indulgence with health aspects. Whether just a single fruit or an individual blend - the practical, free-flowing powders offer flexibility and are very easy to use.

Ice Cream

Add intense colour and full flavour to your product – all natural! Perfect for use both in dry ice cream premixes and as an ingredient in industrial ice cream production, our freeze-dried powders are ideal to give your product rich colour and flavour. Whether it's fruity strawberry or tropical mango – there is a fruit for every taste.


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