Strengthening the immune system
Everyone is talking about a strong immune system at the moment. Learn here what you need to do for a strong immune system.

Strengthening the immune system

Everyone is talking about a strong immune system at the moment. Learn here what you need to do for a strong immune system.

Strengthening the immune system

Health is the most important asset for human beings: it plays a decisive role in our lives. If we do not feel healthy physically or even mentally, our everyday life is severely restricted and we cannot achieve our goals, fulfil any dreams. In order to stay healthy, we need an intact immune system. It requires a sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The immune defence consists of cells and these must be constantly replenished. This is the only way to make sure that our organism is sufficiently protected. The necessary nutrients are “hidden” in our food. But how do we ingest them and at the same time ensure that our immune system is strong? What can be done additionally to strengthen it? And what role does Paradise Fruits play in this?

Nowadays, products or nutritional supplements are often advertised to improve the immune system. However, one should never lose sight of the fact that the immune system is a highly complex system. Our immune system has to fight a wide variety of diseases and bacteria. But if you think: the stronger the better, you are wrong. For if the immune system is too powerful, allergies or autoimmune diseases will develop. So it is important that the immune system is always kept in balance. But what can each of us do to strengthen our individual immune systems?

Stay healthy

As with many aspects of our lives, nutrition plays an extremely important role in the immune system. You should make sure to eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. This provides the immune system with sufficient energy. Most immune cells “live” in the human intestine. However, only with the help of the right food can be ensured that sufficient micronutrients arrive there. Bananas contain a lot of vitamin B6, oranges, lemons and strawberries plenty of vitamin C. A great solution to ensure a healthy diet are the products from Paradise Fruits. They contain lots of healthy fruit and vegetables. For example in the freeze-dried fruits from Paradise Fruits Freeze Dried: the water is gently removed from them. This means that the minerals, fibre and other nutrients, are not only preserved – they are even present in concentrated form. This makes it convenient to take in a higher amount of nutrients.

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Especially in the colder seasons, it is important to appropriately strengthen the immune system. Particularly in autumn and winter, it is difficult to integrate sufficient fruit and vegetables into your daily diet. If you buy fresh fruit and vegetables in the supermarket, you are often dependent on which varieties are currently in season. However, with the freeze-dried fruits from Paradise Fruits, the time of year is no longer important: due to the long shelf life, all varieties are available all year round. For consumers, seasonality is no longer relevant. Plus, no one needs to have a guilty conscience if they eat strawberries or peaches in winter: favourite fruit varieties are in stock all year round.


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As already mentioned, proper nutrition plays an important role when it comes to a strong immune system. But this alone is usually not enough to ensure a healthy immune system. Sufficient exercise, i.e. physical activity, also plays a very important role: sports not only builds up muscles and reduces stress, but also stimulates the blood circulation. This makes it easier for immune cells to find their way throughout the body. If you find it hard to commit to exercise, a little reward afterwards might help to spur you on. How about one of ourHealthy Snacks, our delicious fruit gums or a smoothie made from Paradise Fruits’ high-quality freeze-dried fruit powder? In this way, you can even strengthen your immune system twice over.

Avoid stress

People who constantly suffer from stress are usually sick more often and frequently feel listless and unbalanced. The explanation for this is relatively simple: stress considerably weakens the body’s defences. Of course, you cannot consciously decide for or against stress. Many people find it difficult to detach themselves from it. But you can do something good for yourself – and take a little break every now and then. We at Paradise Fruits try to help with our products: Our snacks are not only healthy, they can even help to strengthen your well-being.

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If you want to lead a healthy life and protect yourself from nagging illnesses, you should make sure you build up a healthy immune system. There is no prescription or miracle cure for this – the combination of different things is the key to success. It doesn’t require much, even the smallest changes of (bad) habits can have a lot of positive effects and enrich your life. We at Paradise Fruits make a contribution through our healthy products. Despite various application methods or freezing processes, the products are still rich in valuable minerals, vitamins and nutrients. But our assortment is not only healthy: Drops, shapes, powders and Healthy Snacks also taste extremely good and convince with their appearance. Thanks to our product diversity and the different varieties, there is also something for every taste. Our products can be conveniently snacked, but there are also different ways in which they can be processed. One example of this is the freeze-dried fruit powders for smoothies, bowls or desserts. Once again, Paradise Fruits convinces with 100% naturalness, 100% taste. Many products are also vegan, gluten-free and contain no added sugar.

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